Tyco FV311S 20mm IR Flame Detector

The Tyco FV311S (516.300.006) is a 20mm IR Flame Detector that uses Infra-Red Array based sensing technology to provide an ultimate programmable Flame Detector. The Tyco FV311S monitors the  area with an array of 256 infra-red sensors plus two optical channels. Powerful algorithms that are running on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) are tuned to the characteristics of a fire and analyse the signals from these channels to indentify fires quickly and reliably.

The Tyco FV311S can accurately identify the location of the flame within the field of view due to the array of 256 IR sensors. This information is used to overlay a marker on the live video output to highlight the fire location.

Tyco FV311S (516.300.006) 20mm IR Flame Detector

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Advanced array based Detector
Powerful signal processing on DSP with algorithms to give reliable flame detection
Detection range: over 50m for 0.1m2 n-heptane pan fire
Field of view: 90° horizontal, 85° vertical with full range maintained
High immunity to false alarms
Solar blind
Masking of areas in field of view
Automatic optical path monitoring
Advanced self-test and service features
Built-in video camera (option): view protected area with alarm location and status overlay
IEC 61508 Approved (SIL2).