Tyco Flame Detectors

Tyco Flame Detectors can be used protect large open areas, without the sacrifice of a fast response to flaming fires. The Tyco Flame Detectors require a direct line of sight to all parts of the protected area to ensure full coverage.

Tyco Flame Detectors such as the S200 are suited for outdoor use, while Flame Detecors such as the 601F are designed for indoor use.

Tyco Flame Detectors
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Flame Detectors from Tyco worldwide.
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Article Code Description
601F 516.600.006 IR Flame Detector
601F-M 516.600.007 Point Flame Detector
601FEX-M 516.600.067 Intrinsically safe point Flame Detector
801F-EX 516.800.066.P Intrinsically safe Flame Detector
811F 516.800.007 Flame Detector
811F-EX 516.800.067 Intrinsically safe Flame Detector
S200 Plus triple IR Flame Detector
FV311S 516.300.006 20mm IR Flame Detector
FV311SC 516.300.008 20mm IR Flame Detector with PAL Camera
FV411F 516.300.411 Triple IR Flame Detector
FV412F 516.300.412 Triple IR Flame Detector
FV413F 516.300.413 Triple IR Flame Detector
MS302-EX Infra-red Flame Detector
MS502-EX Infra-red Flame Detector