SST F130 Multi-Spectrum IR Optical Flame Detector

The SST Model F130 Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector is a high performance and high reliability self-contained explosion proof flame detector designed for hazardous applications. A protective coating permits use in harsh environments, such as offshore platforms. The SST F130 Multi-Spectrum IR Optical Flame detector is suitable for use in “classified” areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gas normally exists.

SST F130 Multi-Spectrum IR Optical Flame Detector
Explosion-proof flame detector sensor
Multi-spectrum design with high false alarm immunity and sensitivity
Long detection range
Standalone operation or connection to standard four wire fire control panels
Automatic optical self-test
Suitable for heavy industrial applications
Alarm and fault relay outputs (4 wire) and stepped 0-20 mA output (3 wire)
Sapphire window
Fast response (typically 5 seconds)
UL Listed explosion-proof housing
Two adjustable time delay of 3 and 6 seconds

Aircraft Hangars
Chemical Plants
CNG Refueling Stations
Compressor Stations
Explosives & Munitions Storage Facilities
Gas Turbines
Hydrogen Vehicle Refueling Stations
Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities
Onshore Oil & Gas Facilities
Oil and Gas Depots
Petrochemical Plants
Power Generation Facilities

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