General Monitors FL4000H Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector

The General Monitors FL4000H Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector is highly advanced and designed to provide superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view. The General Monitors FL4000H employs a state-of-the-art multi-spectrum infrared (MSIR) sensor array with a sophisticated Neural Network Technology (NNT) system. Which has an algorithm that classifies the output signals from the MSIR sensor array as either fire or non-fire. Because of this collaboration the FL4000H is highly immune to false alarms caused by lightning, arc welding, hot objects, and other sources of radiation. The General Monitors FL4000H is designed to detect typical fires such as those produced by alcohol, n-heptane, gasoline, jet fuels and hydrocarbons. In addition, the General Monitors FL4000H can see through dense smoke produced by diesel, rubber, plastics, lube oil, and crude oil fires. The General Monitors FL4000H Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector electronics are housed in a stainless steel explosion-proof enclosure.
General Monitors FL4000H Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector

Multi-Spectrum Infrared (MSIR) Detector package for increased range (230 ft) and wide field of view (100° @ 100 ft)
Neural Network Technology (NNT) provides superior false alarm immunity
Event logging records time, date and type of event
HART and Modbus communication options provides complete status and control capability in the Control Room
Continuous Optical Path Monitoring (COPM) checks optical path integrity and detector's electronic circuitry
Test mode used to check all outputs (used with TL105 Test Lamp)

Applications Approvals/Standards
Drilling and production platforms CSA
Refineries FM
Fuel loading facilities ATEX
Compressor stations IECEx
Electrostatic plant spray booths CE Mark
LNG / LPG processing and storage facilities ULC
Gas turbines BV
Chemical plants EN 54-10
Aircraft hangars VNIIPO
  CA Fire Marshall

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