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Fire Sentry FS24X Fire and Flame Detector

The Fire Sentry FS24X is a Multi-Spectrum Triple IR Fire and Flame Detector. The WideBand IR Technology uses high-speed solid-state quantum sensors which allow the detection of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon  fires in all weather conditions. Even through glass, the WideBand IR Sensor will still alarm, but at a reduced sensitivity and slower response time.

The dual microprocessors provide a high level of fail-safe operation, combined with fast and reliable performance. The Master Microprocessor of the Fire Sentry FS24X performs high-speed digital sampling and signal-processing calculations. The Slave Microprocessor handles the sensor data, performs communications, self-diagnostics and provides interface versatility.

Fire Sentry FS24X Fire and Flame Detector 

The Fire Sentry FS24X Flame Detector has a detection range of 61m (200ft) for the detection of a one square-foot Heptane reference fire. The cone of vision of the FS24X is greater than any other Multispectrum IR Detector.

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Patented* WideBand IR™ Technology
Patented* Electronic Frequency Analysis™
Visible Sensor for optimum false alarm rejection
Selectable detection sensitivities
Field-of-View: 110° full 100% cone-of-vision
(90° full 100% cone-of-vision model also available)
Dual microprocessors for reliable performance
Real-time clock for accurate time dating of events
FirePic™ — pre-fire event data storage
Event log with date and time stamp
RS-485 ModBus communication
Non-Isolated 4-20 mA Analogue output (sink or source)
Alarm, fault and fire verification relays
Automatic optical path and electronic self-test
Widest operating temperature range
Patented* Electronics Module for components protection with easy plug-in terminations and field installation
Two ¾” NPT OR 25mm conduit entries
Low power consumption
High RFI and EMI immunity
FM, ATEX, CE mark approvals
Meets SIL 2 requirements.
The Fire Sentry FS24X Fire and Flame Detector.