Autronica 601F-M Point Flame Detector

The Autronica 601F-M Flame Detector is a full featured solar blind Flame Detector for indoor use and boast a high degree of  false alarm immunity.

This Flame Detector is designed for connection to a conventional zone of point type Fire Detectors that may include any mix of detection technologies. Fits a standard point fire detector base. The Autronica 601F-M detects a 0.1m2 fire at a range of 20m and has an integral alarm LED with 360o angle of view.

Unlike UV and UV/IR detection, not blinded by oil mist in machinery spaces
No additional power source required
Easy installation
Can be used on all vessels as fully marine approved
Easily interfaced to AutroSafe fire detection system.

Technical specifications
Weight: 74 g
Dimensions: 128 x 21,2 mm
Supply voltage: 18-32VDC
Alarm current: 8-30mA
Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C
Relative humidity: 90% RH continuous (non-condensing) and up to 99% RH intermittent (non-condensing).

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