Fulleon Series 1350/1360 Wall Mount Door Retainer FSMD/024/40/W/DIODE

The Fulleon Series 1350/1360 is a series of wall mounted electromagnetic door retainers. The Fulleon 1350/1360 offer the user a choice of holding strengths. The Fulleon Series 1350/1360 are robust and easy to install. This makes them ideal for various applications such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools and industrial premises.

The Fulleon 1350/1360 can hold the door open under normal conditions, and automatically release them in case of a fire alarm activation.

Fulleon Wall Mount Door Retainers

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Versatile holding settings
High holding force
Low current consumption
Release button and protection circuit
Adjustable damping keeper plate
Protection diodes as standard
Flexibility in installation
Suitable for large and small fire doors
Requires less power from your system
Door can be manually closed when not activated by the fire system
Allows for door misalignment.
The Fulleon Series 1350/1360 Wall Mount Door Retainer FSMD/024/40/W/DIODE.