Autronica Door (Holder) Systems

The Autronica Magnetic Door Holders consist of an electromagnet with a steady current, and an armature. As long as the current is on, the magnet will hold the door open. When the current is disconnected, the door will close.

Autronica BN-320/D-XS Door monitoring and control unit
Autronica produces a wide range of Door (Holder) Systems which can be supplied by Lavastica.
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Article Code Description
6731-017.0002 Armature
6731-017.0005 Door Holder Magnet
BN-320/2 Door Control Unit
BN-320/D-L Door Monitoring and Control Unit
BN-320/D/XS Door Monitoring and Control unit, extra small
FSMD024 Door Holding Magnet
GTR048000A07 Magnetic Door Release
GTR063000A07 Magnetic Door Release
MC13100 Magnetic Door Release