Salwico EV-SPB-BI Base Adapter with Short Circuit Isolator 5200098-00A

The Salwico EV-SPB-BI is a base adapter with a short circuit isolator for watertight bases. The EV-SPB-BI is used as an interface for conventional and analogue addressable fire detectors. When a conventional detector is fitted on the EV-SPB-BI, the address of the isolator will be displayed by the system upon a fire alarm.

Salwico EV-SPB-BI Base Adapter is suitable for:
EV-DPH 040050 Multisensor
EV-H/CS 040005 84ºC Heat Detector
EV-H/A1R 040000 54ºC Heat Detector
EV-P 5200175-00A Smoke Detector
EV-PH 040030 Multisensor
NS-AOHS N11242 Multisensor
NS-AOHS-EXN N11255 Multisensor
NS-AOS N11111 Optical Smoke Detector
NS-AUV N11121 UV Flame Detector
EVC-DP N3115
EVC-IR 5200039-00A Dual Band Flame Detector
EVC-P N3112

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