Apollo Intelligent Heater Base (45681-219APO)

The Apollo Intelligent Heater Base (45681-219APO) is designed to be used in cold climates where environmental conditions could result in either icing or condensation affecting the operation of Detectors.

It is recommended that the Heater Base be used in conjunction with either a Waterproof Base Cover or Deckhead Mounting Box to minimize moisture ingress.

Apollo Intelligent Heater Base (45681-219APO)

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Raises the ambient temperature of a Detector chamber by approximately 10°C
Limits the risks or potential for losses of functionality of Detectors installed in cold conditions.
Resistance: 240Ω
Voltage: 28V
Current at 24V: 125mA
Power at 24V: 3.3W
Operating temperature: -30°C to 40°C

Resistance: 300Ω
Voltage: 28V
Current at 24V: 100mA
Power at 24V: 2.6W
Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C