Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A-Compact PLUS Motor

The Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A-Compact PLUS is a reliable and cost-efficient Motor for pumps, fans and compressors. The Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A-Compact PLUS covers a power range from 200kW up to 5MW. This Siemens Motor is available with pole numbers from 2 up to 8 and for voltages from 2 up to 11 kV.

Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A-Compact PLUS

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Water & Waste water
Desalination plants.

Cost-efficient by focusing on the essentials
Highest quality by most modern engineering and productional processes
Reliable with a long service life as result of the rugged design, low-wear materials and the well-proven MICALASTIC® insulation system
Flexible regarding number of poles, voltage and cooling concept
Extremely compact design
Available as a variable-speed system – with the ROBICON Perfect Harmony medium-voltage frequency converter.
Power range HV Motors from 200 kW to 5 MW
Shaft height
SH355 – 560
(shaft heights will be gradually extended)
Rated speeds 750-3,600 rpm
No. of poles 2 - 8 poles
Rated voltages 2 to 11 kV
Drive converters Operation direct online and
with Line and frequency converters
(ROBICON Perfect Harmony)
Insulation system MICALASTIC VPI
Protection IP23, IP24W, IP55
Cooling type Air/air (IC 611)
Air/water (IC 81W)
Open (IC 01)
Type of construction horizontal IMB3 and IMB35 as well as vertical IMV1
Enclosure Gray cast iron
Bearings Roller bearings, sleeve bearings
Standards IEC