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Sabroe SABlight air-cooled Chiller

The Sabroe SABlight is a compact air-cooled Chiller, with a capacity ranging from 90 kW up to 400 kW. The Sabroe SABlight provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning, chilled rooms and industrial/process refrigeration. The SABlight is designed for quiet operation and outdoor operation.


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Compact design with small footprint
Quiet while running
Available in both low and ultra-low noise versions
Variable-speed drive fitted to both compressor and fans, providing very high coefficient of performance (COP), even under part-load conditions
Designed for maximum safety, with very small natural refrigerant charge (propane R290)
Easy to mount, install and connect up
Straightforward, uncomplicated construction
Easy to mount outdoors – no special machinery room required
Can be placed close to occupied buildings
Low power consumption, which means low operating costs
No expenditure on special safety precautions
Low installation costs and rapid commissioning
Low maintenance costs.
The Sabroe SABlight air-cooled Chiller.