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Sabroe HPO/HPC high pressure reciprocating Compressor

The Sabroe HPO/HPC is a high pressure version of the CMO and SMC reciprocating Compressor units. The blocks of the Sabroe HPO/HPC are cast in high-strength ductile iron, which make them strong and capable of operating under pressures up to 40 bar for the HPC unit, and up to 50 bar for the HPO unit.

This results in condensing temperatures of up to 70°C. which makes the HPO/HPC compressor ideal for use in conjunction with heat pumps and hot water applications.

Sabroe HPO/HPC High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor

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High coefficient of performance with excellent performance under partload conditions
Variable-speed drive provides stepless capacity control over entire operating range
Provides exceptionally high condensing temperatures up to 70°C
Designed for easy service access
Special oil separator design based on coalescer technology
6 different models of the HPO/HPC available, ranging between 97 and 452 m3/h at 1500 rpm
Low power consumption, reducing operating costs.
The Sabroe HPO/HPC high pressure reciprocating Compressor.