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Carrier 06D semi-hermetic reciprocating Compressor

The Carrier 06D is a semi-hermetic reciprocating air Compressor. The high-flow, automatically reversible oil pump provides positive-displacement of oil lubrication. The crankcase venting system equalizes pressure during start-up and assures that the oil returns to the sump. The oversized sump holds extra oil in the crankcase to prevent levels dropping below the safe lubrication range during flooded starts.


Contoured pistons lower the cylinder clearances to increase Compressor capacity and efficiency. High-efficiency valves provide an increased refrigerant flow and lower pressure drops. The Carrier 06D Compressor is equipped with an electronic pressure switch.

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The Carrier 06D is equipped with an electronic pressure switch.
The Carrier 06D semi-hermetic reciprocating Compressor.