DNH DUP-40(T) Alarm Horn Loudspeaker

The DNH DUP-40(T) is the newest 40W, IP67 DNH driver and a combined transformer 100v/70v line. The DUP-40(T) has an excellent SPL, a loop in loop out system with easy access to the terminal and a corrosion free terminal.

DNH DUP-40(T) Alarm Horn Loudspeaker

Material/Color Plastic V0 Halogen free/Black
Mounting Threaded UNEF 1 3/8 - 18
Termination Inside ceramic terminals
Weight 1.2 kg
IP Rating 67
Ambient temperature -50ºC up to 120ºC
Max Power 60W
Effective freq. Range 350 – 8000 Hz
SPL Rated Power 129 db

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