Scanjet SC15TW4 Rotating Jet Head

The Scanjet SC15TW4 is a 1.5 inch (38.1mm) 4 nozzle Rotating Jet-Head for an automatic tank cleaning machine. The Scanjet SC15TW4 is made out of 316L Stainless Steel and other highly corrosion resistant materials. The Scanjet SC15TW4 nozzle has a fixed to moving gear ratio of 47 to 49. This allows it to produce a 360º spray pattern that is superior to any other rotating jet head in its class. The Scanjet SC15TW4 has an integrated turbine drive, adjustable turbine and a flow through gearbox. The rotation speed of the SC15TW4 can be adjusted without the need of changing costly stators and/or gearing due to the adjustable turbine.
Scanjet SC15TW4 Rotating Jet Head
Technical Specifications

Class Rotating Jet-Head
Drive Integrated turbine
Gear Ratio 47/49
Pressure Range 0-300 PSIG (0-20.69 Bar)
Flow Range 0-275 USGPM (0-63 m3/hr)
Temperature Range 35°F to 203°F (1.67°C to 95°C)
Jet Length Range (Radius) 0-68 Feet (0-21 Meters)
Pattern (Cycle) Time Range 4.5 to 28 minutes
Weight 20.28 lbs. (9.2 kg)
Minimum Opening 6.80 inches (172.78mm)
Installation Portable and Fixed
Turning Radius in Operation 7.63 inches (193.83mm)
Standard Inlet Connections 316LSS; PEEK; PTFE; Others
Standard Inlet Connections 1.50 inch NPT(M); BSP(M)
Lubricant Cleaning media
Spray Pattern 180°
Programmable Cleaning Pattern No
Hygienic Design No
External Surface Finish ›25 ra µ microinch
Approvals and/or Conformities DNV, Lloyds, DOT, ASME, USCG
Manufacturing Quality ISO9001

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