Autronica BF-500/EX Manual Call Point

The Autronica BF-35/EX Manual Call Point, without glass BFG-3, for use in dry and hazardous areas zone 1 or zone 2. To be connected via zener barrier BZ-32.

The Autronica BF-500/EX is a Manual Call Point for indoor use in hazardous area zone 0, 1 or 2. It must be connected to the approved AutroSafe barrier BZ-500.

The Autronica BF-500/EX is designed for use with Autronica’s interactive fire alarm system, AutroSafe, and consists of a SelfVerify function. This function ensures the highest grade of reliability and the lowest degree of manual testing because all units comprising this function are automatically self-tested once every 24 hours. The Autronica BF-500/EX must be installed according to local regulations, which normally means along escape routes, landings and exits.

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