Noris FA2J Speed Sensor

The Noris FA2J Speed Sensor is designed for Speed Sensing.

The Noris FA2J Speed Sensor is designed for Speed Sensing. The FA2J detects the rotation of ferromagnetic toothed wheels by a sensing coil, and is converted by a signal amplifier into a rectangular-pulse signal. The frequency of the rectangular signal is proportional to speed.

Apart from speed, the pick-ups are adapted to detect any movement of ferromagnetic objects. The rectangular signal lends itself to evaluation and transformation by a variety of devices.

High-grade speed pick-up with rectangular-pulse signal output
For use in conjunction with ferromagnetic toothed wheels from module m1 up
Frequency range from approx. 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz
Open-collector NPN or PNP output, to be combined for push-pull output stage
Loadable with 50 mA SINK and 50 mA LOAD
Mounting position is non-directional
Highest EMI immunity for extremely severe electrical environments
Wide operating temperature range from -25°C … +100°C
Elevated pole-piece-temperature up to +145°C (+175°C for short time)
Pick-up pole-piece is metal-enclosed
Rugged construction, IP68 case tested for pressure-tightness at 5 bar
Choice of lengths, screw-in threads, and electrical terminations.

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