Simtronics Flame and Gas Detection

Simtronics (formerly known as Simrad) produces high class Gas and Flame Detection systems. Equipment from Simtronics is suitable for use in applications ranging from Plant Boilers to Offshore Petrochemical facilities.

The Multi Flame Detectors from Simtronics offer optimum detection of hydrocarbon fires and provides excellent immunity against false alarms. The Flame Detectors from Simtronics have been installed in numerous projects, ranging from FPSOs to gas turbine enclosures and aircraft hangars.

The IR Gas Detectors from Simtronics offers ultra-fast speed of response, provides unparalleled service life and stability. The IR Gas Detectors from Simtronics have set the benchmark for Gas Detection on offshore installations.

Simtronics also offers MultiTox and MultiXplo Detectors in their Gas Detection range. These Detectors can detect oxygen, toxic and combustible gases. The Simtronics Gas Detector range comprises of both infrared and catalytic sensor technology. Simtronics produces Standard Point, Extended Point and Open Path Gas Detectors to cover all relevant applications.

Simtronics Flame and Gas Detection

Simtronics product range

The product range from Simtronics consists of Flame Detectors, Flame Detector Tester and Gas Detectors.

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