Other LevelDatic Equipment

LevelDatic Level Measurement

LevelDatic produces Systems for Level Measurement in ballast and service tanks. LevelDatic offers 2 different technologies to measure the level in ballast and service tanks.

The LevelDatic MAS2600 Pressure Transmitter has multiple mounting positions and can be installed in ballast tanks. The MAS2600 is also suited for draft measurement. The LevelDatic Electro-Pneumatic System provides reliable and accurate online information on the tank levels, water ingress and ship draft. Both of the LevelDatic Systems are suited for all types of ships, whether it's a new ship or a retrofit installation.

LevelDatic Level Measurement

Lavastica International can supply LevelDatic Pressure Management Systems and spare parts worldwide. We are able to supply most of the LevelDatic equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.

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