Damcos Valve Remote Control Systems

After many years of close cooperation and great successes, Lavastica has now become authorized distributor of Emerson Marine Automation, which is well renowned for brands like Damcos (valve remote control), MicroMotion (flow control), and LevelDatic and Rosemount (tank measurement).  

Damcos has set the standard for the marine industry with the Damcos Valve Remote Control System (VRC). Damcos delivers safety and reliability with their compact and cost effective design of their Valve Remote Control System.

Damcos offers a hydraulic and an electro-hydraulic VRC system. Both these systems are complete one-step solutions and satisfies the needs of both the customer and the industry standards. The VRC systems are built on a cost-effective design which makes a high degree of customization possible.

Damcos also produces Actuators that are compact and space-saving, yet they provide a high torque output and are designed for easy adaptation and mounting on all quarter-turn and linear Valves.


Damcos product range

The product range from Damcos consists of Actuators, Control Blocks, Hand Pumps, Local Power Units and Position Indicators.

Lavastica International can supply various Damcos Valve Remote Control Systems and spare parts worldwide. Due to our large stock we are able to supply most of the Damcos equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices. Also service engineers can be provided worldwide by Lavastica International.

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