Autronica Fire & Security

Autronica Fire & Security is well known for their Fire and Gas Detection equipment. Autronica also produces Sensors and Transmitters which are designed for use in the maritime, offshore and petrochemical market.

Autronica equipment can be used for small and medium sized applications, as well as complex large installations. There are thousands of systems worldwide and the equipment from Autronica has proven to be reliable in the most types of critical situations.

The worlds first interactive-addressable system for integrated fire and gas detection has been developed by Autronica Fire and Security. This system is known as the Autronica AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG). This Fire and Gas Detection System is approved according to the IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) and is the only integrated Fire and Gas Detection System that has this approval. Suppression Systems, like Water Mist Systems, Gaseous Systems and High Expansion Foam Systems are also developed by Autronica.

Autronica product range

The product range from Autronica consists of Panels, Heat Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Flame Detectors, Gas DetectorsPressure Transmitters, Temperature Sensors, Bells
SoundersManual Call Points, ModulesAmplifiers, Bases and many more.

Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Autronica products and spare parts worldwide. Due to our large stock we are able to supply most of the Autronica equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices. Also service engineers can be provided worldwide by Lavastica International.

Autronica Services

Lavastica International can provide the following services for your Autronica System.
  • Trouble shooting from distance
  • Planned service and maintenance
  • Emergency services and repairs
  • Refurbishment and cleaning of systems and detectors
  • Start-up, installation and commissioning of systems
  • Engineering and programming
  • We also keep stock of a wide range of obsolete systems and spare parts. Please contact us for current stock levels!
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