Autronica Flame Detectors

Autronica Flame Detectors
Autronica offers a wide range of flame detectors. All of the AutroFlame Flame Detectors have 4 x M25 cable entries. The AutroFlame Flame Detectors have an ambient temperature range of -55ºC up to +60ºC for T6 and -55ºC up to 75ºC for t5.

Lavastica International supplies a wide range of Flame Detectors from Autronica. For detailed product information click on the products listed below.
Article Code Description 
20-20L UV/IR flame detector
20-20R Single IR flame detector
20-20U UV flame detector
MS-302 IR flame detector
601F-M Point flame detector
601FFEX-M Intrinsically safe point flame detector
BG-201 AutroFlame IR Flame Detector
BG-21 AutroFlame IR Flame Detector
NS-DUV UV flame detector
X-22 AutroFlame UV flame detector
X-33AF AutroFlame multispectrum IR flame detector
X-52 AutroFlame UV/IR flame detector
X-98 AutroFlame IR flame detector