Apollo Discovery UL Multisensor Detector

The Apollo Discovery UL Multisensor Detector (58000-750APO) consists of Optical Smoke and thermistor Temperature Sensors whose outputs are combined to give the final analog value. As a result, the Multisensor is useful over a wide range of applications and is highly immune to false alarms.

Apollo Discovery UL Multisensor Detector (58000-750APO)

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XPERT card addressing
Compatible with XP95A systems
Ideal for wide range of applications
Highly immune to false alarms
Well suited for sensitive environments
Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
Remote test feature
Flashing LED option.

Resists steam and cigarette smoke
5 response modes for adaptability to changing environments
Drift compensation to ensure constant sensitivity
Capable of recording site specific data in the Detector
Alarm flags for fast alarm reporting
Conventional alarm facility during control panel processor fault
360° visibility alarm indication.
Color: white
Dimensions: height (w/o Base): 42mm
Approvals: CSFM