SKUM PP-100 MK2 Foam Pump Proportioner

The Skum PP-100 MK2 is a Foam Pump Proportioner.

The Skum PP-100 MK2 is a Foam Pump Proportioner. The Skum PP-100 MK2 works by maintaining equal pressure in the foam concentrate and water inlets to the proportioner. The ability to maintain equal pressure allows the PP-100 MK2 to be used for a wide range of flows and pressures. The system also responds quickly and accurately when there are changes in the water inlet pressures and flow rates.

The PP-100 MK2 utilizes a positive displacement pump to pressurize foam concentrate within the supply manifold. A pressure control valve, which is located in the return line to the foam concentrate pressure tank, is set to maintain a regulate pressure in the supply manifold at a minimum of 1 bar (14.5 psi) to 2 bar (29 psi) higher than the maximum pressure in the water supply line. Foam concentrate, not required Skum PP-100 MK2, returns to the atmospheric storage tank through the pressure control valve.

The Skum PP-100 MK2 consists of a cast bronze body, metering orifice, bronze pressure balancing valve and pressure sensing tubing.

The Skum PP MK2 Foam Pump Proportioner is available in 6 standard sizes, ranging from DN50 to DN250, with flows ranging from m 125 Lpm (33 gpm) to 37,850 Lpm (10,000 gpm) and is designed to fit between two DIN PN16 (ANSI Class 150) pipe flanges. A minimum of five pipe diameters of straight pipe is necessary upstream and three pipe diameters downstream of the proportioner.

Designed to meet the proportioning requirements of EN 13565-1:2003+A1:2007 Chapter 7 andNFPA 16:2015 Chapter 4
FM Approved for use with SKUM AFFF 3% UG and SKUM ARC 3×3 UG Foam Concentrates
Less total system hardware and maintenance required with minimal moving parts and no electrical hook-up required
Manufactured using corrosion resistant design and materials
Wafer type water connection
Flanged or screw threaded BSP foam connection

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