Krohne OPTITEMP TT 33 R Temperature Transmitter

The Krohne OPTITEMP TT 33 R is a universal, programmable 2-wire rail-mounted temperature transmitter.

The Krohne OPTITEMP TT 33 R is a universal, programmable 2-wire rail-mounted temperature transmitter. The galvanically isolated transmitter works with RTD elements, thermocouple (TC) elements or other inputs (mV and Ω). Due to its rugged design, it withstands external influences such as shocks and vibrations (up to 10 g, as may occur in OEM/machinery applications). With a fast step response time of just 0.15 s and high accuracy (±0.08% of span) over transmitter lifetime, it is well suited for many industrial applications. Its low temperature drift (±0.01% of span) makes regular calibration less necessary. The temperature transmitter provides a temperature linear current output (4…20 mA). It is also approved for use in hazardous areas. The OPTITEMP TT 33 R features various useful functions including runtime counter, tracking and backup of previous configuration, ambient temperature log, output simulation for loop testing as well as extended diagnostics complying with NAMUR NE 107. It can be easily configured from a PC using the ConSoftTM software with the OPTITEMP TT-CON EX configuration kit. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, parameters like temperature measurement range or failure indication can be set or re-set within seconds. It is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. A dedicated head-mounted version is available with the OPTITEMP TT 33 C.

Completely universal digital device
Fast step response time and high accuracy over transmitter lifetime
With sensor break monitoring and sensor error correction
High degree of functionality and features (incl. runtime counter, output simulation, ambient temperature log etc.)
Vibration and shock proof (10 gr) 50-point customer linearisation
Extensive diagnostics (NE 107)
Galvanic isolation: 1500 VAC RoHS 2 compliant
Can be configured via ConSoftTM while staying connected with a sensor installed in hazardous areas
Designed for installation on a rail (in accordance with DIN EN 60715)

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