Det-Tronics Fire and Gas Detection

Det-Tronics has over 35 years of practical experience in flame and gas detection plus fire and gas safety systems. The satisfaction for Det-Tronics comes from protecting people and property in industries such as oil and gas, refining, automotive, aerospace, munitions and chemical.

Det-Tronics is global leader in hazard safety solutions, providing flame detection, gas detection and hazard safety mitigation systems for critical industrial applications. The Flame- and Gas Detectors of Det-Tronics are globally certified to the largest product approval standards.

Det-Tronics maintains one of the most sophisticated fire and gas testing facilities in the world. As Det-Tronics develops new flame-detectors, they perform countless tests encompassing a full range of fuel types, fire sizes and false alarm sources. The Gas Detectors of Det-Tronics undergo similar testing against possible triggering sources, including attempts to trick the product into false alarm.

Detronics is one of the first detection manufacturers to earn and retain the quality approval award, the ISO-9001. Worldwide Detronics is the recipient of hundreds of local and national approvals.

Lavastica International can supply Det-Tronics products and spare parts. Due to our large stock we are able to supply most of the Det-Tronics equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices. Also service engineers can be provided worldwide by Lavastica International.

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