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Masoneilan 21000 Series heavy top-guided Globe Valves

The Masoneilan 21000 Series heavy top-guided Globe Valves are for a variety of automated process control applications. The Masoneilan 21000 Series product line is rugged, field-proven and has a single-ported design configuration, which permits numerous trim, actuation and instrumentation solutions.

Masoneilan 21000 Heavy Top-Guided Globe Valves

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Noise attenuation
Reduced capacity & low flow trim
Cryogenic configuration
Tight shutoff
Environmental packing
Advanced digital positioning & control.
Size: 3/4” through 8” (20 through 200 mm)
Ratings & Connections: flanged: ANSI 150 – 2500, UNI-DIN 10 - 400
welded: BW or SW 
screwed: NPT 3/4” through 2” (20 through 50 mm)
Body materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly
Actuators: Model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm, cylinder
single seat plug top guided,
Lo-dB and anti-cavitation trims, 
single or double stage are available
Inherent characteristics: linear or equal percentage