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AMOT 2410 1/2" 2-Way Gas/Liquid Valve

The AMOT 2410 diaphragm operated Control Valve is a 2-Way, vented Control Valve suitable for air and most gaseous and liquid fuels applications.

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Rugged, Cast Aluminum construction
Two Way, vented operation
Up to 250 PSI Pilot/operating pressure.
Start air control 
Fuel shutoff
Emergency shut down
‚ÄčOn/Off control.
Valve body: Cast aluminum
Internals: Aluminum
Seals and diaphragm:
Buna N/Nitrile
Max. operating temperature: 71°C/160°F
Diaphragm working pressure: Min. 25 psi/Max. 250 psi
Max. rated inlet port pressure: 250 psi
Flow coefficient: Kv = 4.6/Cv = 5.3