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AMOT 2180 Diaphragm Operated 2-Way Gas Valve

The AMOT Model 2180 Valves will shut off the fuel gas and vent the manifold when used on an internal combustion engine. The AMOT 2180 is for shutting down a gas engine in the event of a dangerous condition such as high jacket water temperature, low lubrication oil pressure, excessive vibration, high gas discharge temperature etc.

The Model 2180 Valves are used in combination with a complete AMOT control system using AMOT sensors for monitoring the condition of the engine.


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Compact design
No adjustments required
Replaceable rubber Valve seats
Open-closed Position Indicators
Large-capacity Double Seated Valve
Large vent port.
Gas shut off Valve
Gas engine fuel shut off Valve
Gas turbine fuel shut off Valve
‚ÄčAir starting Valve.
  2180ED 2180ES
Valve body: Ductile iron Cast steel
Diaphragm housing: Cast aluminum Pressed steel
Min. pressure for full stroke: 138 kPa 20 psi 552 kPa 80 psi
Valve rating: 862 kPa 125 psi
for 150 lb 138 kPa 150 psi
for 300 lb 276 kPa 300 psi
Both versions:    
Max. continuous pressure: 552 kPa  
Flow coefficient: 2" / Kv = 74 / Cv = 85
3" / Kv = 95 / Cv = 110

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