Bel Ball Valves

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Bel Ball Valves

Size range
1/2" to 42" end entry and top entry, metal to metal sealing, single or double piston effect seats.

Up to and including 15,000psi

BEL Valves own design of hydraulic spring return and hydraulic double acting actuators complimented by gearbox, ROV and lever operation.

Water depths
Valves designed and tested to prove the integrity of the design and function of the Valve up to depths of 3000m.

Sand slurry
BEL Ball Valves are qualified to API 16AVI CLASS II Sandy service.

Metal stem seal
BEL can also supply a metal to metal dynamic stem seal that is field proven, PR2 and 1200 cycle endurance tested for optimum sealing integrity.

Bel Ball Valve

Bel Ball Valves


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Applications including, but not limited to:
Isolation of Manifold Export and Flow lines
Emergency Shut Down (ESD)
SSIV isolation
Specialist, High Integrity Topsides applications.
The Bel Ball Valves.