Damcos Local Power Unit - Double-acting (LPU-D)

The Damcos LPU-D is a Local Power Unit that is designed to control Double-acting Actuators that require hydraulic pressure to operate in open or closed positions. It is designed to be mounted directly on valve Actuators. The Damcos Local Power Unit (LPU-D) consists of a hydraulic Pump which is driven by an asynchronous capacitor motor and several valve functions.

Damcos LPU Double Acting

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Matches Damcos Actuators
Internal protection wiring for eg. indication
Easy de-airing and oil filling
Sightglass as standard
Adjustable flow 250 - 1000 ml/min
Low energy consumption by means of automatic pumping reduction.
Working pressure: 135 bar
Relief valve cracking pressure: 150 bar
Safety valve pressure: 210 ± 40 bar
Max. running time: Up to 10 min. dependent on ambient temp
Enclosure rating: IP 68 (3 bar in 24 hours)
Test pressure: 225 bar
Ambient temperature: 5°C to 70°C (-25°C to 70°C on request)
Tank volume/utility volume: approx. 300 ml./120 ml.
Weight: 18 kg