KSB Actelec Electric Actuator

The KSB Actelec is an Electric Actuator that can be mounted on butterfly or ball valves. Its power supply has single-phase ac, three-phase or d.c with torque limitation, travel stop and open closed signalling as standard.

The KSB Actelec is used for on/off control and throttling duties. The Actelec has integrated local control and remote control.


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The KSB Actelec is suitable for applications in water, energy and industrial engineering.
Actuator effect: Double-acting
Manual override for Actuator: Yes
Type of control: On / Off function
Actuator movement: Rotation
Valve characteristic: Equal- percentage/Linear
Actuating signal: 4- 20mA
Max. torque: 16 002
Min. ambient temperature, Actuator: 70°C
Ambient temperature, Actuator: 20-°C
Actuator limit switch: Yes
Actuator position feedback: Yes