KSB Actair Double-acting Pneumatic Actuator

The KSB Actair is a Double-acting Pneumatic Actuator to be mounted on quarter-turn Valves (Butterfly or Ball Valves). The KSB Actair has a control pressure up to 8 bar and can be mounted on various types of valve stem ends (square end, flat end or key). It has force transmission via rack-and-pinion, and scotch-yoke or patented Amri yoke kinematics provides output torques of up to 16000 Nm which are ideal for actuating quarter-turn valves. The KSB Actair is equipped with a visual position indicator and adjustable travel stops for open/closed position as standard. Manual override can be provided on request.

For automated valve actuation, ACTAIR can be combined with AMTROBOX, AMTRONIC, SMARTRONIC or any other control unit with VDI/VDE 3845 interface.

KSB Actair double-acting pneumatic actuator

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The KSB Actair is suitable for applications in water, energy and industrial engineering.
Actuator effect: Double- acting
Manual override for Actuator: Yes
Type of control: Continuous- action actuation
Actuator movement: Rotation
Max. perm. temp., control press. medium: 80°C
Min. control: 3 bar
Max. torque: 17 Nm
Min. ambient temperature, Actuator: 20°C
Ambient temperature, Actuator: -20°C
Actuator limit switch: Yes
Actuator position feedback: Yes