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Keystone MRP / MRA Pneumatic Actuator

The Keystone MRP and Keystone MRA are Pneumatic Actuators. The Keystone MRA and MRP provide compact, reliable and economical powered operation for all types of quarter turn valves.


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Direct mounting to all Keystone Butterfly Valves
Double Rack & Pinion design nullifies sideloads on the pinion shaft, minimizing bearing wear and extending life
Double Acting or Spring Return models utilize the same compact body design
Aluminum body, hard anodized externally and internally, for corrosion and wear resistance
Electrostatic powder coating (ESPC) finish, external on body, internal and external on end caps, protects against corrosive environments
Adjustable travel stops
Safe end cover bolting requiring no special tools
Anti-blowout drive pinion.
Over travel adjustment (at each end) +5°
Under travel adjustment (at each end) -10°
Easy field conversion between DA and SR models.
Type: Quarterturn 
Supply pressure: Up to 8.27 bar 
Temperature: -29°C - +99°C 
Output torque: Up to 22902 lb.in