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Keystone 79U Pneumatic Actuators

The Keystone 79U is a spring return and double acting pneumatic quarter-turn Actuator for use with output torques up ti 27624 lb.in.


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Compact rack and pinion design utilizes the whole piston area to develop output torque
Pistons with integral rack drive reduce the number of dynamic seals, minimizing air leakage
Double pistons nullify sideloads on the pinion shaft, minimizing bearing wear and extending life
Internal air porting eliminates external tubing
Hard anodized aluminum body with external electrostatic powder coating (ESPC) finish protects against corrosive environments
Female output drive enables direct mounting of most Keystone valves, eliminating special adaptation connections and assuring correct alignment
Bottom entry pinion shaft simplifies assembly and provides anti-blowout feature
Anti-friction piston pads ensure no metal-to-metal contact, providing smooth operation
Ideal for modulating or on/off control applications
Adjustable travel stops standard in both directions on sizes 065 to 181
An extensive range of standard accessories are available for direct mounting
Solenoid valves
Limit switchboxes
Declutchable manual override gearbox
High visibility indicator.
Max. supply pressure: 10 barg
Rated supply pressure: 8.3 barg
Output torque at: 5.5 barg
Double Acting models: up to 2054Nm
Spring Return models: up to 1414Nm
Temperature: -30°C to +90°C* with standard components
*An extended temperature range from -30°C to +150°C is available on request.