Damcos BRCF 8000 hydraulic single-acting Actuator

The Damcos BRCF 8000 is a hydraulic single-acting balanced rotary Actuator with a 90° quarter-turn and with a helicon spine. The BRCF 8000 Actuator delivers high torque, without the need for large sizes. The Damcos BRCF 8000 is suitable for the most demanding conditions, from high vibrations to severe environments.

Damcos BRCF 8000

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Unique and simple design with built-in crossover valve
Compactness and high-torque output
Reliable and rugged
Balanced rotary principle eliminates side forces and/or bending of valve spindle
Operates in sea air as well as sea water
Easy adaption to all well-known quarter-turn valves
Unlimited mounting positions and with built-in adjustments for end stops of rotary movement
Prepared for direct built-on modular control functions.
Working pressure: 135 bar
Burst test: 675 bar
Total dry weight incl. mounting set (26.9 kg): 290 kg
Oil displacement: 1.6 l
Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Rotation: 90°±1°
Hydraulic media: Acid-free hydraulic oil
Viscosity range: 15-200 cSt.