Apollo Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (58000-005APO)

The Apollo Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (58000-005APO) is an alarm device comprising of a Sounder, a Beacon and a short-circuit isolator for use with Discovery Detection Systems. It is supplied with a Mounting Base which incorporates a short-circuit isolator.

The Apollo 58000-005APO is used to provide audible and visual warning of fire and is controlled by the Fire Control Panel by means of the Discovery or CoreProtocol. The Apollo Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (58000-005) has been designed for use in indoor and open-areas. When the fire system is being commissioned a 'Magnetic Wand' can be used to adjust and test each Sounder locally.

Apollo Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (58000-005APO)

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15 tone pairs
Individual control of the Sounder and Visual Indicator
Volume and tone settings can be selected from the Control Panel
Tones can be used for other purposes in addition to warning of fire, making the device ideal for use in schools etc.
Soft start option, ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
Group and global control for increased response time.

The Apollo Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (58000-005APO) is suitable for applications such as:
Nursing homes.

The right tone for your installation
The Apollo 58000-005APO offers a choice of 15 evacuation tones, including the standard Apollo evacuation tone.

The right level of sound
The Sounder is set during commissioning to one of 7 levels of sound, the highest level being nominally 100dB(A).

Flexibility of group addressing
In many installations a fire alarm must be raised by switching more than one Sounder Beacon to alert oralarm simultaneously. This is achieved with Apollo Discovery Open-Area Sounder Beacons by assigning devices to groups. One command will then switch all devices in the group.

Sounder, Beacon or both
The Apollo Discovery 58000-005APO normally switches both Sounder and Beacon to provide an alert or evacuation signal. 

Location-specific volume setting
Detectors and Sounder Beacons are installed in many different types of environment.
Quiescent current: 500μA
Polarity: L1 & L2 are polarity sensitive
Approvals: CCMG