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Federal Signal 2000 Series Model LED
explosion-proof LED Warning Light

The Federal Signal 2000 Series model LED Beacon, with XLT technology, is a visual signal warning light for use in hazardous locations requiring ATEX approval. The Beacon can produce three light patterns depending on the configuration of a field selectable jumper wire or remote contact closure. The light patterns are: steady-on, slow flash and rapid flash. An optional telephone initiation feature also allows the beacon to flash when telephone ringing voltage is present.

The Federal Signal 2000 Series LED Beacon is sealed from dust and water by a nitrile rubber o-ring seal. All exterior cast aluminum surfaces are finished in powder coat paint and external hardware is manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion.
Federal Signal 2000 Series Model LED Explosion-Proof LED Warning Light

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Super bright output with XLT technology
Three remotely selectable flash patterns
50,000 hour lamp life
Available signal colors: amber, blue, green, red and yellow
Ex 'e' terminal chamber available
AC and DC voltage ranges
Approved for use in Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 atmospheres.
The Federal Signal 2000 Series Model LED explosion-proof LED Warning Light.