Noris FA1H Speed Sensor

The Noris FA1H Speed Sensor Series is replaced by the FAH11 Series:
FA1H-3E-70  Replaced by: FAH11-0222-E
FA1H-4A-70 Replaced by: FAH11-0315-A
FA1H-4A-115  Replaced by: FAH11-0515-A
FA1H-4C-70 Replaced by: FAH11-0315-C
FA1H-4C-90 Replaced by: FAH11-0415-C
FA1H-4C-125 Replaced by: FAH11-0515-C
FA1H-4C-145  Replaced by: FAH11-0615-C
FA1H-4E-70 Replaced by: FAH11-0315-E
FA1H-5A-70 Replaced by: FAH11-0323-A
FA1H-5A-115 Replaced by: FAH11-0523-A
FA1H-5C-145 Replaced by: FAH11-0623-C
FA1H-5E-70 Replaced by: FAH11-0323-E
FA1H-5E-115 Replaced by: FAH11-0523-E
FA1H-10A-70 No replacement

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