Autronica GT402 Pressure Transmitter

The Autronica GT402 is a Pressure Transmitter that is designed for use in maritime applications inside and on open-deck installations. The typical gauging applications for the GT402 are atmospheric pressure, inert gas pressure and level in ballast and service tanks.

Autronica GT402 Pressure Transmitter
For LNG applications, a pressure transmitter with accuracy class E and F is made to meet the required specifications. The GT402 is available as an absolute type, sealed gauge type or as a gauge type. The Autronica GT402 consists of a sensing element combined with a signal converter unit that is encapsulated in a body that is made out of AISI 316L stainless steel.

Accuracy 0.25 %
Temperature drift <0.005 % of FRO*/ûC
Pressure ranges from 0.25 to 600 Bar
HART compatible
Membrane made of 96 % alumina ceramics
Body of AISI 316 L
Rugged construction

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