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Foxboro 167LP Pneumatic Buoyancy Transmitter

The Foxboro 167LP is a Pneumatic Transmitter that is used to measure the level, interface or density of liquids. The measurement of the Foxboro 167LP is based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle.

Foxboro 167LP Pneumatic Buoyancy Transmitter with Torque Tube for Liquid Level, Interface and Density

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Level transmission between vessel and transmitter by torque tube
Applicable for service temperatures from –196°C to +400°C and pressures up to PN 250
The span can be set for a 1:5 ratio
A wide selection of materials facilitates service under corrosive conditions
Material approval certificates to EN 10204-3.1 available
Various licences in accordance with national regulations.
The Foxboro 167LP Pneumatic Buoyancy Transmitter.