Auxitrol TA3840C Communication Unit

The Auxitrol TA3840C is a Communication Unit that is designed to be used with measuring and loading systems. The Auxitrol TA3840C displays data such as cargo and ballast levels, temperature and inert gas pressure.

  Auxitrol TA3840C Communication unit

The TA3840C communicates with the sensors that are on board, calculated the volume and sends the results to the ships systems. When the TA3840C is used with the EM540 radar gauge, the T901 pressure and temperature sensors, the CT801 electro-pneumatic level gauge, the PL3700 pressure sensors, it makes a complete system for cargo, ballast and service tank monitoring.

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The Auxitrol TA3840C is designed to be used with measuring and loading systems.
Power supply: 24Vdc
Max. radar capacity: 64
Max. inputs other than radar: 96
Mutlifunction board:

8 x 4-20mA
16 x binary input
24 x binary output
Analog board: 48 x 4-20mA
External digital sensors/systems: EMS protocol
Communication ports:

3 x RS232, RS485 or RS422
1 x RS 232 or RS485
1 x RS485 (digital sensors/systems input)
Monitoring: 2 x alarm thresholds per channel
Operating temperature: 0 °C to +70°C
Protocol: Modbus - RTU
Rack size: 19" 3U (483 x 132 x 185mm)

Additional model:
Auxitrol TA3840S.