Azcue BT-MB Self-priming Triple Screw Pump

The Azcue BT-MB is a Self-priming Triple Screw Pump with a compact design. The Azcue BT-MB Screw Pump uses three incorporated spindles that create moving seals from suction to discharge. The moving seals make sure that a consistent smooth flow without pulsations or turbelence is provided.

The Azcue BT-MB is suited for applications where a consistent pressure is needed, but where the user also may want to vary the flow rate. This includes applications such as diesel or lube oil transfer, pressure boosting, lubrication or feeding a fuel oil separator.

Azcue BT-MB

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Self-priming, close coupled, horizontal Screw Pump
Top mounted suction and discharge
Mechanical seal or magnetic coupling
Suitable for lube oil and fuel oils such as gas oils from 2-1500cst
Available with relief Valve
IEC motor
Lloyds/ABS approved Pump
230V, 3 phase 50hz/60hz motors available
IP55 TEFC motors as standard.
Flow rate: < 30 m3/h
Max. Head (pressure): < 50 bar
Outlet sizes: DN25 - 65
Max. temperature: < 100°C