Azcue BT-LV Self-priming Triple Screw Pump

The Azcue BT-LV is a vertical, high flow, Self-priming Triple Screw Pump. The Azcue BT-LV has three moving spindles which create a set of moving seals from the inlet to the outlet of the pump. This enables a gentle transfer of the liquid at flow rates up to 190³H and pressures of 12 bar. The Azcue BT-LV is suited for transferring of clean, lubricating and non-corrosive fluids that include lubricants, lube oils, gasoil, diesel fuel transfer and feed.

Azcue BT-LV selfpriming screw pump

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Self-priming, vertical Screw Pump
Inline suction and discharge
Mechanical seal or magnetic coupling
Suitable for lube oil, fuel oils, diesels and fuel feed
Available with relief Valve
IEC motor
Lloyds/ABS approved pump
Max. temperature 160°C
Three phase 50hz/60hz motors available
IP55 TEFC motors as standard.
Flow rate: <190m³/h
Max. Head (pressure): <12bar
Outlet sizes: DN125-150
Max. temperature: <160°C