Azcue CA close coupled selfpriming
Centrifugal Pump

The Azcue CA is a close coupled selfpriming Centrifugal Pump which can be driven by a petrol or diesel engine, electric motor, hydraulics, clutch and pulley or electromagnetic clutch.

The Azcue CA has a lot of advantages. Because the Azcue CA is self-priming, there is no need for a suction foot valve. The Azcue CA also has a back-pull-out design so disassembly can be made without pipe removal.


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The Azcue CA Centrifugal Pump is suitable for:
Sea water cooling Pump
General sea water service
Grey water Pump
Aquaculture circulation systems
Ballast water pumping
Fire Fighting
Contaminated bilge water Pumps
Boat deck wash down
Low viscosity fuel and lubrication transfer.

Flow rate: up to 300m3/h
Max. Head pressure: up to 105 m
Outlet sizes: DN1.25" - 150
Max. temperature: 130°C