Azcue AN Centrifugal Pump

The Azcue AN is a single stage horizontal Centrifugal Pump and has a wide range of hydraulic performances. The combination of high efficiency with a low NPSH and near silent operation makes the Azcue AN a populair choice.

The Pump parts from the Azcue AN are interchangeable between the different versions. The Azcue AN has a back pull out design, which makes it easy to dismantle the pump and gain quick acces to the pump internals.

Azcue AN

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The Azcue AN Centrifugal Pump is suitable for: 
Water treatment
Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning & Refrigeration
Water supply & Distribution to industries or municipalities
Food & Drink industry
Every application handling hot, cooling, drinking process water or sea water.

Flow rate: up to 700m3 /h
Max. Head (pressure): up to 100 m
Outlet sizes: DN32 - 250 
Max. temperature: 190°C