ChargeMaster 24V

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Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24 Series

The Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24 series is a Battery Charger that guarantees fast and complete charging of your batteries. The Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24 series are able to charge multiple battery banks at the same time, due to its combined functionality.

The Mastervolt Chargemaster 24 Series can easily be connected to a MasterBus network with one cable and one connection. Optional are central, local or remote monitoring, configuration and control of the system.

Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24 Series

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3-step+ charging technology for fast and complete charging
Safe and complete charging due to standard safety features
Memory function prevents overcharging in case of an unstable power supply
Clear Control Panel
Easy to install
Built-in system functionality (MasterBus) in combination with other Mastervolt products.
Available models:
ChargeMaster 24/6
ChargeMaster 24/12-3
ChargeMaster 24/20-3
ChargeMaster 24/30-3
ChargeMaster 24/40-3
ChargeMaster 24/60-3
ChargeMaster 24/80-3
ChargeMaster 24/100-3.