24V G Range N Series

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Elmdene 24v G Range N Series Power Supplies

The Elmdene 24v G range N series are switch mode Power Supplies that have been designed for general purpose applications. The applications include Fire and Acces Control, which require a cost effective solution. The Elmdene G Range N Series are available as a boxed and an unboxed version.

Elmdene 24v G Range N Series Power Supplies

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Efficient switch mode operation
Closely regulated 27.6V output
Full rated current to load + 0.5A Battery charging
Universal mains voltage input 90V – 264V ac
Modular construction for ease of servicing
LED indication
Green - mains status
Yellow - output or Battery fuse failure, output short circuit or low output voltage
Electronic overload/short circuit protection under mains operation - 3 & 5A models
Mains transient protection
FOM 4 or 8 can be fitted to provide 4 or 8 individually fused outputs.
Available models:
Model Rating Max. Battery size
G2401N-A 1.0A 2x 2.3Ah
G2401N-C 1.0A 2x 7Ah
G2401N-R 1.0A 2x 17Ah
G2401NU 1.0A Unboxed 134L x 84W x 42D
G2402N-C 2.0A 2x 7Ah
G2402N-R 2.0A 2x 17Ah
G2402NU 2.0A Unboxed 152L x 106W x 52D
G2403N-C 3.0A 2x 7Ah
G2403N-R 3.0A 2x 17Ah
G2403NU 3.0A Unboxed 157L x 143W x 55D
G2405N-C 5.0A 2x 7Ah
G2405N-R 5.0A 2x 17Ah
G2405N-H 5.0A 2x 38Ah
G2405NU 5.0A Unboxed 157L x 143W x 55D