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PBQ General Purpose Batteries

The PBQ General Purpose Batteries are designed with an excellent price/performance ratio in mind. The General Purpose Batteries are available in 6 and 12 Volt models, for use in a wide range of applications. The PBQ General Purpose Batteries have a functional life of 3-5 years at an operating temperature of 25°C in a standby application.


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Household appliances
Traffic Sensors
UPS/Emergency Power
Integrated emergency Power Supplies
Garden tools
Available models:
Article code Voltage Capacity
PBQ 3.5-4 4V 3,5Ah
PBQ 1.2-6 6V 1,2Ah
PBQ 3.2-6 6V 3,2Ah
PBQ 3.5-6 6V 3,5Ah
PBQ 4.5-6 6V 4,5Ah
PBQ 7-6 6V 7Ah
PBQ 12-6 6V 12Ah
PBQ 0.8-12 12V 0,8Ah
PBQ 1.2-12 VdS 12V 1,2Ah
PBQ 1.3-12 12V 1,3Ah
PBQ 2.3 - 12C 12V 2,3Ah
PBQ 2.3-12 VdS 12V 2,3Ah
PBQ 2.6-12 12V 2,6Ah
PBQ 2.9-12 12V 2,9Ah
PBQ 3.2-12 VdS 12V 3,2Ah
PBQ 3.4-12 12V 3,4Ah
PBQ 4-12 12V 4Ah
PBQ 5.2-12 12V 5,2Ah
PBQ 7-12 VdS 12V 7Ah
PBQ 7-12 L VdS 12V 7Ah
PBQ 12-12 VdS 12V 12Ah
PBQ 18-12 VdS 12V 18Ah
PBQ 26-12 VdS 12V 26Ah
PBQ 28-12 L 12V 28Ah
PBQ 40-12 VdS 12V 40Ah
PBQ 65-12 VdS 12V 65Ah